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Giving Voice to India is a unique initiative to raise the standard of Western Classical singing, both art song and opera, in India. The project was started by internationally renowned soprano Patricia Rozario and accomplished pianist and vocal coach Mark Troop in August 2009. The project implements a singing course, in line with the format of international music academies, during which Patricia Rozario and Mark Troop work with Indian singers on various skills such as vocal technique, musical style and interpretation, foreign language skills and score reading skills. The duo have taught 29 courses so far, each usually 5 days long and have worked with over 100 students. These courses, conducted in Mumbai, Panaji, Pune, Delhi and Ahmedabad until now, are offered at highly subsidised rates to ensure their accessibility by anyone who is interested. During their time in India, Patricia and Mark have also trained local singers, who demonstrate a sound understanding of the principles, to carry on their teaching work while they are away in order to provide continuous learning opportunities to singers in India.


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